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Pete Klein's Vampires

vampires, horror, erotica, fiction, Adirondacks, lesbian, gay, Dancing Valkyrie, Vampire Valkyrie, God Created Vampires, Blood Red Pleasure

Mary as seen in the Adirondack forest
Welcome to Pete Klein's world of beautiful vampires
I have been interested in vampires since first seeing the original Dracula when in grade school. Since my grandparents, though German, came to this country in 1907 from Romania, I naturally asked if vampires were real. The answer was, of course, no.

Never-the-less, I have been fascinated by the idea and eventually decided to write about them, but with an eye to what they might be like if they were real, meaning what they would be like if created by God.

The result was first with "The Dancing Valkyrie" followed by  "The Vampire Valkyrie" and the June 2012 release of "And God Created Vampires" and the May 2014 publication of Blood Red Pleasure

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